Tradewinds 1.0 free download

Tradewinds 1.0

You are in the 19th century far east. Create your own empire! You can make progress in this mission by using all of your skills only. Amazing sea combats and right trade operations will help you, too. So, become the renowned Pirate King or attain the ultimate rank of Tai Pan.

Features of the Game:

• 4 different cities with secret locations;
• You can choose through 4 characters with different special features;
• Create your empire with the help of Inn Keepers, Port Officials and Ship Builders;
• Buy, upgrade and repair your fleet;
• Breathtaking combat options;
• Save ability;
• Colorful graphics and amazing soundtrack;
• You can play this game by different ways and create your own pace of development.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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