tripYzee! v2.0.2 free download

tripYzee! v2.0.2

This game is lookalike of all-known dice game “Yahtzee”. There are single and triple versions of this application. You have a possibility to play it with your friends. Multiplayer option is available for two players. You can see both player scores with two players mode. Triple type of this game shows only one player at a time. But you can know about the other players by going to "Menu"/"View Scores". TripYzee! v2.0.2 is freeware! So, enjoy it!

Refreshed Description:

Version 2.02
• There are corrected mistakes in this version;

Version 2.0.0
• This version is consistent with Windows Mobile 5+;
• Ther’re additional options like a Yzee Wild option and Yzee Bonus in this game version;

Version 1.6.0
• You can add different dice skins;
• There is Red Dice that was added by Tommy A.;

Version 1.5.0
• New upgrated graphics.

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