Ultimate Bowling Fighter 1.0 free download

Ultimate Bowling Fighter 1.0

Do you like bowling? Yes, you are, so joing round-the-world bowling challenge tournament with the help of your pocket Windows Mobile device! You can become the Ultimate Bowling Fighter and have a possibility to battle against international members.

Ultimate Bowling Fighter app has 3 play modes. There are Solo mode, Tournament mode and Multiplayer mode. This game has intensive gameplay, amusing “Strike” and “Spare” effects, amazing graphics and realistic stereo sounds.

Features of the Application:

• It has 4 exciting locations;
• It has 4 playable characters;
• Funny animation;
• Startling graphics;
• You have competition with the other characters in Tournament mode;
• You have good practice when you choose Single Player mode;
• You can play with your friends in Multiplayer mode;
• You can unlock new bowling locations and characters!

OS: Windows Mobile.

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