Warfare Incorporated for Pocket PC free download

Warfare Incorporated for Pocket PC

Warfare Incorporated is interesting strategy game for your Windows Mobile device. It has an unique scenario. You become a witness of future war of different factions for the the resources of the galaxy. You have a possibility to discover planet Icarus with its surprising environment. You need to develop your own strategic and tactical skills to win this difficult competition.

Extra Features of Warfare Incorporated:

• Infinite gameplay;
• A lot of missions;
• Assistance of multiplayer mode;
• A possibility to compete on 21 multiplayer battlefields with the help of WiFi or Bluetooth;
• Bonus missions;
• You can design new single and multiplayer missions with Mission Editor;
• A lot of free unique missions online;
• 11 building types, 11 military units, 2 alien landscapes;
• High-quality graphics;
• 4 channel sound effects.

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