This software introduces the greatest satellite TV provider in United Kingdom. It’s a client for WM devices. You can have access to program lists with settable recording features from any location. This program allows you to tie into news service of Sky. You will enjoy this software for sure, especially if you have a touch screen device.

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The full name of this advanced software is The Gentle File Manager, which is a full featured file maneger, truly!

It includes a big number of useful features, such as completely recursive copy/delete, detailed files and databases data wich can be changed.

It also has a support for HandEra 330 Hi-Res screen and handy use for HandEra/Sony pocket phones.

Special Requirements:

- Palm OS 3.5;
- Palm III.

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You have a great opportunity to play excellent bowling simulator game with 4 different lanes and funny animations.


- Cool graphics.
- Great animations for spares, strikes and misses.
- Two difficulty levels.
- True bowling physics.
- Four lanes to play.

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Now you can test your eye for detail right on your mobile screen with SPOT! It is a crazily fun puzzle-game that can leave you wanting for more! All you have to do is just select from three different game modes and you will never play the same puzzle two times.


- Play hundreds of puzzles!
- More puzzles offered as FREE download
- Random puzzles
- Create multiple profiles, play and compete with your friends and family
- Keep track of your stats
- Relaxing music and sound effects
- Puzzle suggestions
- Screensaver mode
- FREE updates!

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New special Game! Now you have a great opportunity to save our planet Earth!

Earth Day is an action-arcade game that brings an attractive experience of protecting our mother Earth from fleets of alien spacecrafts attempting to occupy our planet.


- Progressive levels!
- Original action gameplay.
- Attractive experience.
- Great graphics and sound effects.
- Online score position!
- FREE updates!

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Improve your skills and intellect with this unlimited game pack, which can challenge you for a long time. Be patient and you will fluke.

Game Features:

- Fully-working demo version
- Over 130 layouts
- Show free tiles option
- Background colors
- Detailed statistics
- Top scores board
- Game information
- Save/Load game
- Auto-resume last game
- Two tile-sets
- Two difficulties
- Five tile sizes
- JPEG backgrounds support
- Games filter
- Games quick preview
- Animation effects
- Game timer
- High-quality sound support
- Customizable tool bar

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Feel like Yuri Gagarin and try to conquer space! Discover an unexplored space, solitary stars and insensate planets. You can ask if this is the total mission of the game? It is not the end, because this game brings a really addictive shoot-them-all action to the screen of your device... And you’ll see, what deal was prepared for you!


- Big number of the space ships of your enemy;
- You can improve your weapon;
- Special bonuses;
- Opportunity to make a military career: medals, rise in rank;
- Splendid 3D graphics;
- Stereo sounding and amazing sound effects while battle.

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This is a new and original bike game for Palm devices. One of the best games now in 3D graphics.

Descriptive information:

-Advanced version of the game
-New design levels
-55 new levels available for download
-Background music
-Changeable-appearance bike
-Ability to save and play replays
-Online table-top players

Operating System: Palm.

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This software can solve your painful problems, which are connected with map viewing. Specifically, this application gives you an opportunity to view any map regardless of the size. And it can also fit you, if you want to view any picture of high resolution.

Some Features:

- This program works very fast and reliably;
- Advanced zoom features;
- Qualitative decoding;
- Support for any resolution of the screeen;
- ARM optimization;
- Thumbnail view;
- Memory card browser with advanced features.

Operating System: Palm.

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This software allows you to log and sketch any event, idea, note, thought, feeling, etc. by the simple and fast way!


- Full screen gives you a handy ability to enter or view any text;
- Perform any operation with yout diary you want with this app, like searching/saving/viewing/printing;
- Filters for data by category or date;
- Searching by the keyword;
- Detailed view;
- Color sketch screen;
- And more.

Operating System: Palm.

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