Golden Tee Golf is a very popular video game that is a golf simulator. It was ported from the game-playing machines. Ball realistically reacts to the landscape, it is the one of its the most impressive features.

It requires Palm 5 to run this amazing golf simulator.

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Download this amazing game app and play well-known 25 games of Klondike kind with this Solitaires Unlimited package on your pocket Palm OS device.

Special Features:

• Solitaires list, which has different categories like game type, complexity and time of playing;
• You can edit your favorite list;
• Stunning graphics of cards’ skins;
• Saving ability for the game state;
• 4 game modes;
• Eternal undo ability;
• Special feature to see the next move;
• Animated movements;
• Customized interface;
• Pile view function is advanced;
• High scores;

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Do you like a minimalism and very addictive games? So, this game application will fit you perfectly in that case.

It has simple graphics and little effects, but you take the advantage of its strategy features. You can bravely download this app, if you want to improve your strategy skills and have many hours of addictive pleasure. Be sure, this game will help you!

Operating System: Palm OS.

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There are two all-known games in one package with arcade and logical elements! They have simple rules, but train good your intuition and intelligence with variety of levels and game modes.
Just download this amazing game application and dive into a whirlpool of gladness, excitement and riddles which becomes more rich every playing day.

Special Features:

• Popular “Lines” gameplay;
• Arcade and classic game modes;
• 66 levels;
• Right soundtrack and colorful graphics;
• Custom friendly interface;
• You can customize these two games as you like;

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This application was created for people who like gambling and have no life without Vegas. It perfectly fits you, if you’re of this kind. Real Dice Video Poker takes you to the strip everytime you run this application. You can play Deuces Wild, Double Bonus or Double Double Bonus, Jacks or Better.

Special Features:

• Simple interface, but colourful graphics;
• Real Casino Experience;
• You can play it safe or go All-in with up to 5 coin deals;
• You can chat with any player;
• You can know who break the bank;
• You can easily take your winnings to other Real Dice Casino apps.

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Draw your attention to the latest arcade game for Palm OS from the Albyte Software creators called The Belt 2120.

Your task is to guide your space ship via the asteroid belt that gathers round the Earth. So, take your sizeable part in this saving mission and try to take on the alien invasion fleet with this amazing scrolling shooter.


• 5 levels;
• 3D modeled space ships;
• Special weapons;
• Upgrade feature;
• Tricky obstacles;
• Full screen graphics;
• Breathtaking soundtrack.

Operating System: Palm OS.

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You receive all the fun of the Internet phenomenon for your PDA or phone with this amazing application. Construct your unique tracks by grabbing the pencil tool to send your virtual sledder down the route with the ramps, hills, jumps...

You can start your track from scratch if you choose “Create Tracks”. You can complete the different game challenges if you choose “Puzzles”. You can also send your own designs to other Line Rider users if you choose “Shared Tracks”.


• This app is an unique mobile version of the Internet phenomenon;
• 9 line tools;
• Puzzles Mode;

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Try to compete with the artificial intelligence in Pool and Billiards with this addictive Palm OS application.

Special Features:

• 320x320 and 320x480 resolution support;
• 5-way navigator assistance;
• Custom friendly interface;
• Super-smart opponent;
• Play your favorite games like 9-Ball, 1-Cushion Billiards, 2-Cushion Billiards, 8-Ball (Bar Rules), 8-Ball (BCA Rules), 8-Ball (UK Rules), Pyramid;
• Practice, You vs. Player, You vs. Comp Game Modes;
• Colour choice;
• Enhanced geometrical settings;
• Quick engine;
• Smooth animation even at 50fps;
• Ball moves really;

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Luck comes back to you! You are good player, but you can start to lose playing good starting hands. All depends on the number of pot’s people. (Example links: or Poker Odds Calculator is real help in your detection of winning starting hands.

Operating system: Palm OS

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The Mobiano Pocket Game Pack is a collection of 4 high-quality and classic PPC games. These fun games offer a refreshing break from your routines. The Pack is very small and addictive and comes complete with full install wizards.
Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Pocket PC

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