This application is unique virtual recording studio! Now you can create own music without any additional soft using your pocket device. And this app can be the only package you need if you try to create complete composition. Because, it helps you to create customized instruments, emulate the sound of classic analog synthesisers, to play not only WAV or MP3 but MIDI on your pocket PC. You control your mix and apply needed multiple effects to every channel with an integrated mixing desk. Digital delay, chorus, phaser, reverb, , low/high pass filters and more are the real time effects.

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Learn to play guitar or keyboards on your pocket PC with this useful tool. It has a big number of chord definitions and inversions. Also, you find many popular guitar tunings. Fingering positions across the fret board and audition notes are viewed. Take everything about the chord groupings. You receive the complete information about what chord you play with feature called “Chord Detector”. App always lets you know when you aren’t in tune.

Special Features:

• Thousands of guitar and keyboard chords;
• App has very qualitative sampled guitar sounds;
• Scales are revealed in any key;

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This useful app is like a good old fashion tape recorder. It provides the “true tape” mechanism. You can to time stretch your recordings with the help of this application. It can be a great solution in reviewing of lectures, seminars and more. You can sample and slow the music down to practice any guitar’s solo if you’re the musician.

Special Features:

• Sample rates are: 16 bit 8,11,22,32 and 44Khz;
• Compression ranges 2K/s to 22K/s;
• Overwrite/append possibility with the “true tape” mechanism;
• Cut/Copy/Paste/Fade In/Fade Out functions;
• Time Shifting;

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This game perfectly fits people who want to develop their reaction and skills! Real classic arcade game with the same name Air Hockey Challenge is a base of this wonderful game application. So, everyone knows the rules of this addictive game. Outscore your opponent with the help of your pocket device! Just use your touch screen to control your paddle.

Special Features:

• 4 different Game Modes;
• 3 levels of difficulty;
• You can play with Computer as opponent;
• Power-ups;
• Right/Left handed modes;
• WiFi/Network Multiplayer modes;
• Particle Effects;

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You create and play puzzles directly on your Pocket PC with this realistic and unique application. JIGaSAWrus has a virtual desktop, which helps you to work with puzzles that can be larger than the display. So, create your own unique and beautiful puzzles with more than 500 pieces!

Extra Features:

• Puzzles Gallery;
• Virtual Desktop;
• Load/Save functions;
• Puzzle Designer;
• Ghost Image Mode;
• Puzzle Preview;
• Landscape/Portrait Modes;
• Edge Sort;
• Easy rotational Pieces;
• Added puzzle packs.

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You can create anything if you have a digital camera. And you can create more if you’ve the application called Pocket Goo 2. You create funny characatures of your friends or family members with ordinary movement of the stylus over the display. Just create and save your greatest masterpieces. This program has different exposure tools and deformation tools for your use.


• BMP, JPEG, GIF formats support;
• JPEG saving;
• Shrink, Move, Rotate, Grow, Eraser tools;
• Apply/Undo mode;
• Fullscreen mode;
• Mirror effects;
• Customizable Saturation/Hue;

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You always get the latest pocket device’s games from the 4Pockets. And Pinball Evolution is not the exception. It was designed for the latest range of Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices. You get quicker, bigger, smoother and more exciting gameplay. App has three large vertically rolling tables which are supplied with specaial features.

• New vector game engine;
• Exact ball motion;
• Eternal table size;
• 3 big tables;
• Lighting and particle effects;
• Limpid platforms and pipes;
• Multi-ball assistance;
• You can view the score and bonus multipliers on your display;

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I guess, everybody knows about this app. It is good old Peg Jump Game.


• Firsty, you open menu tapping on the Top Bar;
• Game mission is to be left with one peg on the plate by jumping pegs.

Enjoy to cut a long story short!

You can donate funds to designers of this game if you find this application useful.

Refreshed Description:

Version 1.5:
• Some mistakes were corrected that could end the game too early;
• Images was modified to much smaller size.

Version 1.3:
• Results were added like on original of the game at the end;

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It is splendid mind-boggling game for your pocket PC. Basic idea is to generate “sets” from the cards of the deck.

Special features:
• You can find simple training mode,
• This game have handy player interface.

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Battery Guard is convenient pocket application that coordinates powering for every extra device on PocketPC machine. Do you want to track what eating battery under control? Then, this application was made for your use.


* customized current power mode for every extra device
* customized powering pattern for every power state of Windows Mobile Professional device
* backup/restore powering pattern
* choice of language (English or Polish)
* assistance of user-defined friendly names of extra devises

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