Electopia is an adventure game with advanced graphics. You play as a robot of service, who is crash-landed with his ship on a tropical island called Electopia... But this island is not very friendly. It is populated by the dangerous killer robots! Your task is to escape from this alien land and defeat all the enemies. Your cool weapon will help you to stay alive and kill the robot hordes.

Special Features:

- Incomparable graphics;
- Rapid gameplay, which is full of mad action;
- Easy-to-use touch controls;
- High-tech weapon, like Magneto Gun or the Electro Gun;

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Gather the balls of one color together. A few seconds for training, and get ready for hours of entertainment!

Main Features:

- Simple and fascinating: everyone can play Bubble Bash 2, but only the most skilled players can reach the end;
- New delightful journey to the colorful world of Africa!
- Over 100 levels with 16 different types of game mechanics: you will not play the same game twice!
- A variety of modes and the dynamic level design, which is based on laws of physics;
- Open 4 characters: you can be a curious researcher or an African princess;

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Now you can play all-known and popular arcade game called Call of Duty 2 on your Windows Mobile device. Take place in the events of World War II.

Special Features:

• Game is based on awards winner game;
• Interactive touchscreen controls from the first person;
• App is compliant with the 2700G graphics processor;
• App can run with GoForce5500;
• Amazing 3D graphics;
• You can battle with Russian, German, American, British weapon of World War II times;
• 3 campaigns with 12 single player levels;
• Multiplayer mode over WiFi.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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You will discover a big mine. It’s required to find gems, metals and ores to make your fortune!

Then you will need to sell your mining at the shop. It will let you spend the earnings on new tools and special upgrades, which will allow you to dig even more deeper to find unique gems.

Just remember, try not to get stuck down the mine and fall down or get crushed by cruel rockfalls!

Special Requirements: Android OS

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You will love this superb Windows Mobile Game for sure, if you are a fan of casual games.

- More than 120 levels;
- Handy controls and intuitive gameplay for touchscreen;
- Support for any screen size;
- Multi-language support;
- Game is available on Windows Mobile Smartphone, Pocket PC 5 and 6.

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You blow up again, then it is a Bomberman again! Bomberman series are classic, which was implemented on all known gaming platforms. Your goal is to clear the field using cleverly placed bombs to send your enemies on the other side of the living world.

Bomberman Deluxe revives this classic on your smartphone. Explore the colorfully painted levels. These levels are so great that you have to scroll them!

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