Rayman Ultimate is the transfer of the original Playstation hit on the PocketPC. The game is very simple and stunningly beautiful. You control Rayman and you have to lead him safely through more than 60 levels in 6 different worlds in search of his friends called Electoons. Main mission is to save Electoons from the clutches of Mr. Dark.

Controls: the joystick and virtual buttons on the screen


- 6 worlds, 60 levels, bonus maps;
- Good sounding;
- Beautiful detailed graphics;
- Qualitatively selected colors;
- Well designed levels;
- Many hours of gameplay.

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Here is an interesting continuation of Simpsons adventures. Now they go to visit a new amusement park called Itchy & Scratchy Land. Just try to play to find out what is done from that!

System requirements: WM5 - WM6.5
Screen resolution: VGA (480x640)
Setup Type: CAB
Developer: EA Mobile
Language: English

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Here is a high quality implementation of Pinball gaming machine with main characters of console game by Sega, who are Sonic and Doctor Eggman! A remarkable animation of gameplay, original worlds and a lot of secret levels will give you joy and fun pastime. Sonic Spinball - highly technical version of pinball with elements of "porcupine". Download and enjoy!

Category: Arcade
Platform: Java
Version: Freeware

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Caution! It is an insanely addictive game! Flight commander gives you control the airspace over the airfield, where planes arrive are they need your help. Show them the right path to the right landing strips and avoid collisions. It is an easy game, but exciting! How many planes are you able to land?


- Different airplanes and helicopters;
- 2 maps (not much, but more will be added in the future);
- 2 different game modes;
- Ability to save the game and continue it from stop.

System requirements:
WM6 - WM6.5
.Net Compact Framework 3.5

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“Bass Assassin 2” is a mobile angler's dream with all new challenges and gears.

In this game you can catch fish for glory in fishing tournaments, or relax on the lake in free fish mode. Also, you have a possibility to use your own fishing style with special equipment and lake locations to catch the biggest fish. Attempt seven special pro challenges to unlock advanced gear and secret sweet spots on the lake. Receive money and upgrade your gear. So you can tackle Brassie - the biggest fish of all.


- Hot days lead fish to deep water.

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In fact, every self-respecting gamer played this game or every second person played few game episodes. There was a real Duke mania in the middle of of 90’s. This game has a beautiful graphics of that time, various levels, great atmosphere, suitable music. Now this game is available for you on the screen of your mobile device, don’t miss it!

You can find install instructions in the archive for download.

Category: Shooter
Platform: Pocket PC
Version: Freeware

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Some people say that fish keeping can help you to get rid of a stress. But if you install Insaniquarium application you see that this affirmation is not right.

Insaniquarium Deluxe 1.0 is very interesting and coloured game. The principle of game is to keep a tank of fish thriving. You need to feed the fish systematically. Notice, hungry fishes have green color. But it is not easy process, because the fish in Insaniquarium are very greedy and they like to get together. Thereby, they always are in the way of each other.

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