ChristmasXed is a Christmas version of the puzzle game called Xed with more than 2,000 levels! Drag blocks left or right, and they will form groups of 2 or more blocks and then disappear. Be careful at every level, because you have a very small number of movements, so you need to think carefully before you start solve the puzzle!

Category: Logical
Platform: Windows Mobile
Version: Freeware
Setup type: CAB

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All you need to do is just avoid the Smileys and get the maximum score. Get ready for real action and take care! It will be a very addictive play. The faster you act the more points you get.

You can start slow motion mode by 2 taps on device’s screen.

Try it out, if you have a free time!

Special Requirements:

- Android OS

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Here is a simple Arkanoid game! Play this classic game and kill your free time!

Dolph Larson
App is compatible with Pocket PC:
Windows Mobile 5.0 and later

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