Here is a mod of the famous game for HTC Teeter (Labyrinth) and “Labyrinth” for iPhone, which goes on almost any PDA with G-sensor support.


- Uncompress the archive to your memory card or memory device
-Create a shortcut in Windows / Main Menu / Programs / Games

System Requirements: WM6 - WM6.5
Additional Requirements: G-Sensor
Display Resolution: WQVGA (240x400)
Installation type: COPY
Language: English

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You can easy get this astonishing application called RealDice Texas Hold’em Poker for free! You have a great possibility to play Texas Hold’em with thousands of people online from your pocket Windows Mobile device. And you will certainly enjoy amazing graphics, availability of 10 tables for players, and complete strategy guide for any level. You start your game against 200 different opponents, if you play offline. You can bravely sign in and start to play in the world’s ring games, any sit-n-go tournament or multi-table event after this practice!

Extra Features:

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Your mission is to swap and blow dreadful creatures. It lets you to collect a special spells. Your main mission is to clear Five Counties from withcraft. You will do it running through the magic portals and collecting a special tables.

This game is of the Jewellust kinds.

Main Features:

- Amazing medieval environment;
- Game is based on humour and very stylish;
- 40 levels;
- Various power-ups;
- 9 bonuses;
- 2 modes of play;
- 2 bonus-games;
- Separated online High Scores for Campaign and Survival mode;

Special Requirements:

- You must be connected to the Web;

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Girders is the game, where you need to build bridges. Build bridges in difficult terrain and test them by running of fully loaded trains on the bridge. You can also build towers, which are undergone of strength wind. Sometimes there is a danger of earthquakes, and it requires additional measures to strengthen the structures in this case.

The sense of the game is to build a bridge from the specified elements. For example, beams or wooden structures, and then just test it! You must be a real reckoner to pass this test. Good luck!

Operating system is Windows Mobile.

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Here is a classic game for Windows Mobile devices, which is based on Qemu emulator.

Starting the game:
1. Create a folder “QEMU” at the root of the memory card, unpack the archive there.
2. Start qemu_launcher.exe
3. Press the button “Launch” without any changes. “Norton Commander” runs after 10 seconds.
4. Go to the “TIM” folder.
5. Start tim.exe, enjoy the game

System requirements: WM5 - WM6.5
Additional Requirements: QEMU, 128 MB RAM
Screen resolution: QVGA, VGA
Installation type: EXE
Language: English

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This game is based on the popular television show. "Hero" and 100 "players" take part in it. There are the same questions for hero and players, each of which has 3 possible answers. Players answer by clicking the appropriate button on the remote during the first 6 seconds after the reading of the question. Hero gives the answer after them.

System requirements: WM5 - WM6
Screen resolution: VGA (480x640)
Setup Type: CAB
Language: English

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Rush Hour is an amusing puzzle game for the withdrawal of the car from deadlock.
The game objective is to remove the red car with a parking lot, removing the other cars from its path.

Special Features:

- 4 levels of difficulty, each consists of 10 puzzles;
- Handy autosave feature;
- Amazing sounding;
- High Scores.

System Requirements:

• Windows Mobile 2003/6.5;
• .Net Compact Framework 2 or higher.

Developer: Igrecway.

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Photo Hunt Mobile is one of the most popular puzzle games for Pocket PC.
Beautiful graphics, support for Real-VGA and QVGA screens! The player must find the differences between one picture from each other at each level. Photos look very similar, but they have differences in fact.

Special Features:

- Stunning graphics and effects;
- Over 60 HQ photos;
- There are 10 differences at each level;
- Support for QVGA and VGA screens;
- 6 original color themes;
- Multiple game modes;
- There is a high scores;
- Relaxing music and sound effects.

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