Chess Genius is the one of the most popular chess program, which has excellent artificial intelligence with 30 levels of difficulty. Game provides a record of all the moves with the opportunity to replay any stage, the time is taken into account. Also there is a training mode and display of all possible moves. Chess Genius can calculate more than 100 000 strokes per second under certain circumstances.

- WM2003/2003SE, WM5/6;
- Landscape mode and VGA.

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Do you like the games fot a brain train? Yes, you’re, then this application was developed for you specially. Your task s to form sets from the cards on the deck. There are 81 cards for play. The can be varied in 4 features:

- number (1, 2 or 3);
- symbol (oval, squiggle, diamond);
- color (green, purple, red);
- shading (open, solid, striped).

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This beautiful and interesting game application brings a lot of fun and pleasure on your pocket device, because it is a real return of all-known Beetle. So, don’t miss new puzzles, which are given by this amazing sequel.

Special Features:

- 250 unique puzzles;
- Stunning graphics and soundtrack;
- Addictive gameplay;
- Save/Load ability;
- Easy-to-use controls;
- Free updates;
- Stats tracking.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This game perfectly fits all the fans of an exciting casino gameplay. Just try this addictive game app on your pocket Windows Mobile device, otherwise you can lose the entertaining pleasure!

Features of the Panoramic BlackJack:
- Classic and addictive gameplay;
- Realistic graphics;
- Card Counting ability;
- Genuine sound effects;
- You can view your progress with the HiScores;
- Gamestate always saved;
- Hit/Stand/Double/Surrender/ Split/ Insurance capacity;
- 3 levels of difficulty;
- Learn to Play mode.

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Do you remember the first edition of this bestseller game? Now new edition of this captivating game is available for your attention! So, you must be prepared for a new portion of brain increasing cocktail!

Special Features:

- 4 unique practice modes

• Shape counter;
• Cool Cat;
• Memo square;
• Shopping list.

- 3 modes of the game

• Arcade. You can make minimum number of mistakes in this bonus mode;
• Practice. Train your brain with different modules at the same time;
• Exam. Receive every day a new exam, which continues 5 minutes.

- Arcade mode and unlocking modules.

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Alchemy is a logical game with the goal to turn to gold the playing field. You need to do this job placing the runes on it.

System requirements: WM2003 - WM6.5
Resolution: All screens
Installation type: EXE

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Here is an easy-to-use and captivating application for BlackBerry devices. It is an 11-step test, which can find out your level of virtuosity. You receive the detailed statistics after the test. And you will see what you need to correct to be a virtuous for real.

Virtues According to Aristotle:

1) Courage
2) Temperance
3) Liberality
4) Magnificence
5) Pride
6) Honour
7) Good Temper
8) Friendliness
9) Truthfulness
10) Wit
11) Friendship
12) Justice (Not included in this app).

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