This application was created for pocket Windows Mobile devices. Download this ultimate pack of addictive patience and spend your time with pleasure and real relaxation. This united collection of Solitaires provides you with amusing brain-storming. Extra features of this application brings you more pleasure than any logical game before!

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Plantastic! is a combination of logic and strategy, where you create bouquets of multicolored flowers. Flowers on the left “queues” for compilation bouquets and you have to catch a bouquet until queue doesn’t overflow.

There are some tips in the beginning of play. They will help you to understand the meaning of the game.


- Funny game with increasing levels of difficulty;
- 5 ways to collect bouquets;
- All kinds of bonuses during the game.

Requirements: WM 2003-6.1, QVGA, VGA
Language: English

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This addictive game will fit you perfectly, if you found sudoku too simple. This original puzzle game gives you four levels of difficulty.

Youк task is to complete the square board, which is similar to chessboard, according to rules:

- The same letters or numbers can’t be in one row;
- The same letters or numbers can’t be in one collumn;
- It is forbidden to locate 2 or more same pairs of numbers and letters.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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PDAmill Glyphos game consists of 200 puzzles, which will check your logical possibilities. This is a simple but exciting game combines ideas from games like Sudoku and the Japanese crossword.

Status: demo version
Developer: PDAmill
OS: Windows Mobile

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Aquatic of Sherwood is fascinating quest game for your Windows Mobile device use. You have a mission for the missing bride with an artful and foul bubble-popup gimmick. Aquatic is water bubble man from Sherwood looks for his disappeared sweetheart Miss Aquatica by the scenario. You have to overreach the bubble-popup gimmick and help to sweethearts in finding their loving hearts.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Just sit, relax and enjoy the breathtaking logical arcade game called BlockBuster. You will spend time with joy and pleasure by clearing the board from the blocks of colored squares. There are many additive features in this game to make you more interested than ever, such as online contest, several levels of difference and skins!

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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