Logical game for fans of winter fishing. The player will break the ice and pull out the fish, bringing together two or more the same fish. You need a stylus to draw a broken line over the same fish to break the ice. You can draw very difficult lines. It is also necessary to monitor the thermometer. You can lose, when the scale reaches zero. It is possible to blow up the ice on the playing field, which is slightly lower the temperature on the thermometer. The game Psarakia provides three modes of difficulty.

It was designed for for Symbian OS 9.4 S60 5th Edition
Status: demo version

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You will build a pipeline and try to do it faster than water that runs through it. This game supports VGA screens.

Category: Puzzle
Platform: Pocket PC
Version: Shareware

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You need to find out the colors, with the list scanned by the "sonart" on the edge.

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