You can have the new Combo Tower 3D. It is a 3D logical game with a lot of enjoyment and challenge.

You should turn around and slide the tower in 3D to get Combos. Here you can find awesome Pocketnapalm quality graphics and sound, super addictive gameplay and mind blowing effects.


- Super game play on a 3D Tower atmosphere!
- Unlimited playtime of fun with increasing difficulty!
- 100 different medals to win in 4 special categories!
- 50 or more combos prized by Tower Explosion!
- Easy mode for beginners, hard for experienced users!

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Here is a free puzzle package for Spb Puzzle game.

You find VGA and QVGA variant in the archive for download.



- Spb Puzzle (PPC)

- Windows Mobile OS.

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Numpty Physics is a free, cross-platform, fascinating puzzle game with a non-trivial gameplay, which is similar to the Crayon Physics. It uses Box2D engine, which is library for modelling the behavior of solids in two-dimensional space.

You receive a crumpled sheet of paper with a carelessly drawn pattern and a pencil. You can draw everything you want with this pencil. Any image has the interesting property. Everything is dependent on laws of physics! For example, you can draw some stick. It will fall down until it encounters an obstacle.

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Application called Pool House experience is collection of various billiards games, such as 8-ball, 9-ball, snooker, Russian, American Pyramid, call shot games, one pocket pool and more. It is for free use on pocket Windows Mobile phones. You certainly have a feeling like you play at real pool club using this exact and solid pool app. You can easy perform all your favorite complex combination shots. Download this application and make colossal pool tournament at your house!

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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