It is the bbest PDA poker game with advanced multiplayer options. Be ready for thousands of opponents and various online tournaments!

Special Features:

- Good graphical design;
- Online multiplayer with built-in interface for instant messaging;
- About 200 unique AI-opponents with individual capacities;
- League table;
- Career mode;
- Live chat;
- Intuitive interface;
- Hall of Fame.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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You can fight with your friends or computer with breathtaking Windows Mobile game called Atomic Cannon. Team competition takes place in 25 various environments. Your team fights with the help of different weapon like guns, bombs, rockets, nukes, missles, but total number of weapon of mass destruction is 85! There are many features which certainly improve this game. Nukes can be a cause of glowing radioactive fragments or rockets can generate smoke trails that move in the wind. And you surely enjoy amazing game animation, sound effects and effects of explosions.

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This game represents a real maze challenge in 3D. This first-person perspective game was designed for the Agenda VR3 Linux-based handheld device, but you can run it on X-Window (for example, Linux PDAs or Unix desktops).

Key Features:

- 3D graphics;
- First-perspective view;
- Scrolling screen;
- Different sides of walls are colored in different ways;
- 4 background pictures;
- Key and stylus support;
- Timer;
- Sizes of the maze are customizable;
- Special sound effects.

Game requires Sharp Zaurus.

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