This game has a very beautiful three-dimensional graphics. Races place in two modes: competition on speed and overcoming obstacles. Races are held on five routes. Also, there is an arcade shooter called Mini-Aquafight as a bonus to the game.

- Support for WM5
- Support for square screens
- Support for VGA screens
- Significant performance improvements

Game Category: Simulation
Platform: Pocket PC
Version: Shareware

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This app is a port of the well popular Tux Racer 3D game for the Android-powered devices.

Your task is to play as a penguin named Tux, ride down a snow slope. It is possible with either accelerometer, trackball or dpad.
Get ready to collect up fish, earn points and advance through 9 original levels.

Special Requirements: Android 1.5 or higher

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Hit Em Straight Golf Scorecard is the scoring and other useful information for the golf game.

System requirements: WM2003 - WM6.1
Installation type: EXE
Language: English

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The table for Bar Billiards is a little unusual. Billiard pockets are placed directly on the field, but not at the corners of the table. And the cue ball is located in the so-called D point with each hit.

The main advantage of Pocket Bar Billiards is the possibility of pairing game on one device and through WiFi. Detailed instructions can be found in the supplied document. Archive for download includes manual.

Category: Sports
Platform: Symbian
Version: Shareware

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This classic Tetris game was designed for use on devices with accelerometer.


• Tilt your phone to the right or left (or use appropriate keys) to move tetrominoes;
• Rotate tetrominoes by scrollwheel use ore by using the Up key;
• Use the Enter key to drop tetrominoes to the bottom. You can also press and hold the Down key to perform this operation.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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