“FreeCells” contains 20 most popular FreeCell-like games from Solitaires Unlimited anthology. If you like to play FreeCell, this collected works are ideal to extend your familiarity of the game and try different rule variations.
To make your gameplay more attractive all games have a complete how-to-play instructions.

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Here is updated version of the game for Android-powered devices. It will be very fun pastime, when you will try to prevent the falling of the ball from a table paddle. Why? Because you have to use your handheld device as a table tennis paddle. Just try it and you’ll see!

Main Features:

- Sun and Moon position affects in-game lighting;
- Background changes against the time of day.

Operating System: Android.

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Fun World Cup is a funny football game, where you are able to kick your way to champion.

Main Features:

Single player:
- Drag player using finger and character will kick the ball on touch

- 25 days of world cup;
- You can bet each competitioon using point;
- You play, when your team kick that day;
- 32 countries!

Special Requirements: Android 1.1 or higher

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Here is a good and addictive ping-pong with the easy-to-use controls, but it has one game mode only, there is no tournament.

It was designed for Flash
Status: Freeware

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