This is a high-speed race with a view from the top. You need to work hard to leave the computer opponents behind. It will be a test for adventurers and innate drivers.

Special Features:

- 7 stunning tracks, including Bank Plaza, Ghost Forest, Asteroids, etc.;
- 3 levels of difficulty;
- 12 bonuses, including lightning, temporator and spike shield;
- 7 different cars with unique characteristics, plus a custom-machine;
- Ability to set the controls and handy stylus play;
- Flexible configurations and preferences;
- Diary of races and encyclopedia of bonuses;

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This is a “draw and play” game. You must draw some line, then you can set any object in motion, which follows that line as the result.

Main Instructions:

1) You draw a line,
2) You press “Play”,
3) You need to avoid the blue balls named “goal keepers”.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Nice game, which resembles an old Towers game. You control the basketball player and your goal is to throw the ball in the ring.

Category: Sports
Platform: Pocket PC
Version: Shareware

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