Pool is one of the favorite sports of people and almost everyone can play pool in a pub. But you cannot take a pool table with you on your walk. And you can have a help of Pool Rebel 1.3 in that case. All you need to do is just install this simulator to your pocket device and you can enjoy your favourite game. Pool Rebel is representation of the “sport” to small screen of your mobile phone. It proposes easy-to-use exceptional control system and perfectly customized ball physics.

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Game called Race Cars The Extreme Rally was created by Terminal Studio. Wear a helmet and lead your racing car to the finish line! Take a part in the competition and win the Cup of Extreme Rally! So, you have a great opportunity to become the best racer in the world! Race Cars The Extreme Rally is a stunning three-dimensional game!

Special Features:

- Real 3D graphics;
- Photorealistic graphics;
- Good music and sound effects;
- 15 unique circular races with straight sections to test your skill;
- 12 fastest race cars;
- This game has various awards;

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Pool 3D Training Edition is one of the best 3D pool simulator games with a real physics simulation of motion of balls, which takes into account everything, such as gravity, table’s cover, the strength and direction of impact.

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This application is an addictive 3D Kart simulator with three various racing classes and karts, 16 speed tracks and great game’s physics.

Special Features:

- Rapid 3D engine;
- 3 modes of the game;
- 16 tracks;
- You can select appropriate skill level;
- Different camera views;
- 3D sounding with real kart’s sound;
- Adjustable controls;
- Onscreen controls;
- Language choice, such as English, French, Spanish, German, Italian.

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