The action takes place on a distant planet called Mazera. You play as a boy named Ix, who was stolen and placed into local zoo by alien creatures. Your mission is to perform escape to come back home.

Big number of puzzles, obstacles and space objects, which poses the danger, separate you from your home. Be careful, because you will face not only friends on the way!

Genre: RPG
Interface: English
OS: Windows Mobile

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You are in China, where you need to win everything possible to unite the empire. The principle of the game is a bit like the “Risk”. You choose a person and then collect the taxes, what allows you to buy the soldiers and improve their skills.

Category: Strategy
Platform: Windows Mobile
Version: Freeware

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The Final Battle is a new adventure game about the knights time. You are a young knight, who awakes in a prison cell with amnesia. You need to escape and do different tasks.


- More than 50 locations;
- Excellent graphics;
- Interesting story with lots of digressions;
- Wonderful music and sounds;
- Funny dialogues;
- Set of riddles and puzzles;
- Auto-save;
- Possibility to send the player’s rank to the site for registered users.

It was designed for Symbian OS 9.4 S60 5th Edition
Status: demo version
Developer: CrazySoft

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This game is a space strategy. You have a space ship, a little money and faithful weapon in the beginning. Your next development depends only on you.

Category: Strategy
Platform: Windows Mobile
Version: Freeware
Setup type: EXE

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Nanobotz is an unusual strategy game for pocket devices with unique phisics. Notice, you never see physics like this kind in any artillery game!

OS is Windows Mobile.

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