This game app is of the kinds of Bejewelled games for pocket Windows Mobile devices.

Your task is to collect as many special points as possible by changing the adjacent units, like gears, jewels and bolts. So, make vertical or horizontal sets of three the same units, if you want to earn points. Just choose one unit and then the other identical unit to make them change and to swap them. But nonice, these units must be located nearby. And you must be very attentive and prudent, because they can back to their default locations. Download and try to earn more points with every new attempt!

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Tankzone 2000 is a 3D tank battle game with different levels and additional attacks of UFO. 3D graphics is very simple, the square and triangular shapes are basically used, but navigation is very realistic and radar allows to see the enemy. Your weaponry is limited by the supply of ammunition. You need to follow the flags, which mark the presence of charge, and recharge your weapon before firing.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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You play as a worker of special service, which destroys insects. The player must destroy a designated number of beetles and cockroaches for a given time. The game supports stylus control.

Here is a cheat code, which allows you to get access to all levels - 11A0C0908999.

Category: RPG
Platform: Pocket PC
Version: Freeware

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This is a tycoon strategy. You play as handicraftsman, who knows how to make magic items, which are valuable for adventure hunters. Artifacts can help the heroes to survive in thousands of battles. Your mission is to earn more money by selling the most marketable magical objects.

Main Features:

- Built-in tutorial;
- 5 difficulty levels;
- A few places to save game;
- 3 classes of heroes and 10 varieties of artifacts, 10 magical forces;
- Lots of random positive and negative events;
- Mini-games for entertainment;
- Music by Jason Surguine (Snails, Arvale).

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This game was designed in the best traditions of Battle Isle game, which give you an opportunity to show the tactical skills. Collect your army and decide, what units will make the game!

All you need is victory, and you can reach this aim only if you destroy all opponent forses! Uncover technological secrets, develop unique protection tactics, and lead your army to victory!

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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