Be the owner of an indescribable island. You need to equip it with the necessary facilities. Enjoy the unique gameplay and perfect graphics and breathtaking sound of this incredible strategy game for pocket Windows Mobile devices. This game app isn’t inferior to the PC strategy games, because of its all the features.

Main Features:

- Increased performance;
- 3 extra mini games;
- Different types of buildings;
- Many hours of addictive gameplay;
- Amazing graphics;
- Breathtaking sounding;
- Square screen assistance;
- Screensaver mode;

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It’s a new born of legendary Transport Tycoon Deluxe game!
This game is an advanced economic strategy game, where you will construct different road tracks and railway lines, deliver passengers, mail, resources, products, maximizing your profit to become a real monopolist!

Special Features:

- Huge maps;
- Multiplayer mode;
- Automatic creation of roads and railways depending on the landscape;
- Crossed tunnels;
- Multiplatform stations;
- Building of 9 variants of the airports;
- Cloning, autoupdate and autocorrect of your transport;

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Now you can play the heroic warlord adventure, based on the well-liked handheld game. Puzzle Quest is the award-winning blend of puzzle, strategy, and RPG right on your mobile phone!

Connect the puzzle battles, complete mini-quests and gather gems for skill upgrades and spells. Your victories will open up the new stages as you will move closer to the final battle with Lord Bane.


- Easy to play.
- Well known puzzle-game.
- Puzzle battles.
- High-quality animation and graphics.

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