This game is a choice of many gamers, because it gives a delightful graphics, original gameplay, amazing combination of role-playing and real-time strategy. This version embodies everything that earned the popularity among fans of computer entertainment in the world!

Pocket PC version of the game is not inferior to the original game! Handy user interface and menu access even surpass its predecessors and give the additional opportunities of the implementation of strategic and tactical decisions for the players of this game.


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The plot of the game called Rabbit Wars can be a scenario for writing the book. Two hostile factions, like rabbits and hares fight for territory and carrots.

Feel like a commander of one of these factions and receive a task to develop a tactical plan and lead your team to the victory.

Special Features:

- You receive a free PC version too;
- Interesting story;
- Excellent graphics;
- Perfect battlefield sound effects;
- Martial soundtrack;
- Multiplayer;
- Various military units;
- Fun rabbits’ comments;
- And more.

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This real military strategy game for your pocket Windows Mobile device. You take mission to command a great army. You can be a dominating world power if you construct an epic war machine and use it right. There is a random map system in this application. So, it gives you new challenges and uniqueness of every game episode. There’re a lot of game functions for your use. You can easy build bridges for water crossing, build walls for protection, clear a path to the enemy through a forest, hide under trees for a lying-in-wait attack, follow the enemy’s tanks by the track tread marks, and more.

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My Little Tank is an exciting arcade-type shooter. You will pass the exciting levels managing a miniature tank and tracking your way through enemy territory. The path lies through the snowy plains, swamps, steppe and desert. The longer it will be the stronger enemies face you. Many other improvements will help you to build the capacity and firepower of your tank. Smart bombs, life bonuses, increasing speed of the tank, invisible tank, weapon upgrades, freeze bonuses.

Features of this version:

- 80 missions!
- 5 types of enemy tanks;
- 6 types of improvements;

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