This amazing classic game is a very addictive action-strategy for pocket WM phones, which is full of excellent humor and big guns! It has been designed for many years, and it is a winner of different game awards!

Special Features:

- Amazing graphics, pro art and animation;
- Extra eye-candy effect, like explosions, flames, smoke trails, etc.;
- Weather effects;
- Handy controls and clear friendly interface;
- Smooth gameplay;
- Slender menus;
- The Moogums, Lupeez and Nooginz unique races;
- 15 original levels;
- You can create your own levels;
- Big number of weapon!

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Here is another masterpiece of the gaming industry. New turn-based role-playing game Sorcery PDA raises the entertainment on the handheld to a new level.

You need to choose your character from warrior, priest, thief, witch, ranger, or dwarf in the beginning of the game. Are you ready? Now you can start the unforgettable quest!

Key Features:

- Different physical and magical properties of characters;
- 30 separated quests;
- Many puzzles;
- A lot of enemies;
- Good quality of graphics;
- Clear animation;
- Many video and excellent sound.

Language: English
Genre: RPG

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The mission here is to defend your land by fighting off hoards of aliens intruding your frontiers. There are eight species of aliens, each with their own special skill. In order to stop these pesky critters you need to protect your gates by erecting towers strategically. There are seven types of tower in Towers Trap, such as sniper, cannon, radar and rocket launcher - and you must figure out the most effective place for each to combat the various threats posed by the intruders.

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Find fame and fortune as a ship captain in the Caribbean in this addictive new strategy game!

Welcome to the Golden Age of Piracy! The year is 1695 and you are a ship captain. You can find fame and fortune in this addictive new strategy game!

Complete courageous missions to get gold and prestige, prowl the waters to capture unsuspecting ships, and haggle with merchants to discover well-paid trade routes. You can choose your own exclusive path to untold fortunes—as a pirate, trader, privateer, or all three!


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