Here is a mod of the famous game for HTC Teeter (Labyrinth) and “Labyrinth” for iPhone, which goes on almost any PDA with G-sensor support.


- Uncompress the archive to your memory card or memory device
-Create a shortcut in Windows / Main Menu / Programs / Games

System Requirements: WM6 - WM6.5
Additional Requirements: G-Sensor
Display Resolution: WQVGA (240x400)
Installation type: COPY
Language: English

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Now you can play all-known and popular arcade game called Call of Duty 2 on your Windows Mobile device. Take place in the events of World War II.

Special Features:

• Game is based on awards winner game;
• Interactive touchscreen controls from the first person;
• App is compliant with the 2700G graphics processor;
• App can run with GoForce5500;
• Amazing 3D graphics;
• You can battle with Russian, German, American, British weapon of World War II times;
• 3 campaigns with 12 single player levels;
• Multiplayer mode over WiFi.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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You will discover a big mine. It’s required to find gems, metals and ores to make your fortune!

Then you will need to sell your mining at the shop. It will let you spend the earnings on new tools and special upgrades, which will allow you to dig even more deeper to find unique gems.

Just remember, try not to get stuck down the mine and fall down or get crushed by cruel rockfalls!

Special Requirements: Android OS

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Yes Yes Yes, there are themselves! And they're back!
Here is a new part of the famous game series about bravery worms the bullies!
Get ready for a few modes of play, good graphics, lots of missions and weapons, cool sounding and excellent gameplay, which does not allow you to break away from this exciting game!
Choose a worm, equip it, select the area and break the enemy worms!

System Requirements: WM6.1 - WM6.5
Display Resolution: WVGA (480x800)
Setup Type: CAB

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Micro Pool is beautiful pool game application. Play your favorite pool games on your mobile phone.


• 8-ball, 9-ball, Speed and Killer pool games;
• Player modes are: 1 player, 2 players, demo mode;
• Real animation;
• Excellent physics;
• Rapid performance;
• Amazing sound effects;
• Easy learning curve;
• 3 different play tables with color choice;
• Help menu.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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