You will love this superb Windows Mobile Game for sure, if you are a fan of casual games.

- More than 120 levels;
- Handy controls and intuitive gameplay for touchscreen;
- Support for any screen size;
- Multi-language support;
- Game is available on Windows Mobile Smartphone, Pocket PC 5 and 6.

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This is a port of the famous game Quake with hardware acceleration (OpenGL). “Episode I” is only available for download now, (18Mb, so you can connect to Wi-Fi, if you have the expensive traffic). But this is the beginning!

- SD-card must be 512MB at least;
- Internet connection (for the first game scene downloading)

System requirements: Android
Resolution: All screens
Installation Type: APK
Developer: sharky
Language: English

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Now you can have Counter-strike on your mobile phones!!! This is the best game ever!


- Fully ported weapons and appearance.
- The original map of the counter-strike.
- Excellent graphics.
- Full screen treatment ability and with on-screen buttons.

Compatibility: WM2003/SE, WM5
Screen resolution: QVGA

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Enjoy the most realistic snowboarding game, which is filled with various tricks. Snowboard and take part in more than 20 competitions, playing in 4 seasons, including forest, stadiums and cities. Improve your board in specialized stores. This game will be please its players with an unusually interesting and fascinating story, bright colors and new impressions.


- Racing at night, during the day or at dawn;
- Severe weather conditions or pleasure of solar ride;
- Various tricks;
- Shop for snowboard improvements;
- Excellent music and good design;
- Realistic atmosphere.

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You can easy get this astonishing application called RealDice Texas Hold’em Poker for free! You have a great possibility to play Texas Hold’em with thousands of people online from your pocket Windows Mobile device. And you will certainly enjoy amazing graphics, availability of 10 tables for players, and complete strategy guide for any level. You start your game against 200 different opponents, if you play offline. You can bravely sign in and start to play in the world’s ring games, any sit-n-go tournament or multi-table event after this practice!

Extra Features:

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You blow up again, then it is a Bomberman again! Bomberman series are classic, which was implemented on all known gaming platforms. Your goal is to clear the field using cleverly placed bombs to send your enemies on the other side of the living world.

Bomberman Deluxe revives this classic on your smartphone. Explore the colorfully painted levels. These levels are so great that you have to scroll them!

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