You’re on the run. The government that you once served ruthlessly hunts you. The key to your survival is improvisation and adaptation. The pleasure, that you get from this game, is woven from elements of Splinter Cell series and the new features, like the complete interaction with the environment.

System requirements:
WM6 - WM6.5
.Net Compact Framework 2
Display Resolution: WVGA (480x800)
Setup Type: CAB
Developer: Gameloft

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Here is a HQ and original game, which brings the style of drawings with colored pencils, like in children’s notebook.

You must bounce off the platforms and get the greater heights in this captivating game. You will meet Jetpack, UFOs, black holes and various monsters on your way...

System requirements: WM5 - WM6
Screens: VGA, WVGA
Setup type: CAB
Developer: insestito

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Contra is the first game of a sufficiently long series, whose representatives met on several platforms of the Konami company product. Contra is the one of the best games for the NES, along with Super Mario Bros., Metroid, Battle City, and others. Contra is the American version of the of the game. It is borrowed, oddly enough from the name of the Cuban Special Forces troops - Contras!

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Tony Stark is the main weapon of the Government and the main target of the enemies, who develop their own high-tech weaponry. Iron Man will face Ultimo, Firepower, Whiplash and the armies of other enemies who want to take him on the ground and in the air. Who is intend to destroy the Iron Man? Find it in the game...

System requirements: WM5 - WM6.5
Resolution: All screens
Setup Type: CAB
Language: English

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