Pocket F.A.L.L.O.U.T. is an unique FREE, cross-platform role-playing game for mobile devices based on Windows Mobile 2003, WM5, WM 6.x, as well as desktop PCs based on the OS Win9x, WinXP, Vista, which allows you to dive into the boundless world of the post nuclear, supple wasteland. This project is based on a series of immortal game Fallout 1 and Fallout 2.

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Here is 17.0.19 version of the famous game Need For Speed Undercover for smartphones!

Supported devices are:

HTC S621; Motorola Q9c, Q9m, Q9h; Pantech Duo; Samsung Ace, Blackjack, i617 Blackjack II, SGH-i600; T-Mobile Dash; Verizon SMT5800

This list is not complete, it is only official information.

System requirements: WM5 - WM6
Screen resolution: QVGA (240x320)
Setup Type: CAB

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