“NaviComputer” is a pocket PC app to handle Offline GPS Maps on Windows Mobile. The best part of this program that it gives you ability to download maps with the built-in PC Program “NaviMapper”, which means NO data plan needed once the maps are on your device.

Following maps are supported: Google Maps; Google Sattelite; Google Terrain; Open Street Map; Open Street OSM; Yahoo Map; Yahoo Satellite; Virtual Earth Map; Virtual Earth Satellite; Virtual Earth Hybrid.

Also, with help of this program you can:

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This GPS utility is not a usual speedometer. This program measures the speed of your car by using the obtained data from satellites (minimum number of which is 4). And you must have an internal or external (Bluetooth) GPS-receiver to use this useful utility.

Special Features:

• Analog and digital display;
• Changes the maximum speed;
• Velocimetry is in km/h or miles/h;
• Automatically determines the integrated GPS-receiver;
• Displays additional information, like latitude, longitude, altitude and satellites;
• The device doesn’t disable while the program is running;

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This useful Windows Mobile app is a freeware service software for navigation and search functions. It includes a big number of maps like an aerial photo in North America, Europe, Australia and parts of Africa and Asia. You can use 3D maps, seek for needed interests of any location, use the satellite views and more.

Other Features:

- View the highways and points of intersection of your route;
- View the most update streets, roads and institutes;
- Advanced zoom view;
- Urban and rural navigating information is available;
- Rotate any map;

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This app gives you a possibility to use an integrated HTC FM radio and Experia, thereby you receive TMC (traffic alerts). You can automatically unite them on the navigation prog, like Route 66 or Navigon. You do it in order to calculate routes again with avoidance of traffic jams. Program also supports for GNS scan down.

Special Requirements: Windows Mobile 6 OS.

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“PhoneFinder Pro” is a protection system that permits you to manage your Windows Mobile 5 or 6 based devices distantly. Now, using any e-mail client or SMS skilled phone you can simple send your password along with key words to control your device. If your mobile phone has a fixed GPS receiver you will be able to distantly track your phone, retrieve lost contact information, owner information and much more.

“PhoneFinder” has a lot features:

- The major use is to turn on your Phone's ringer distantly so you can find it in the house.

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This application can be your good assistant when you’re on the road, because it allows you to avoid local police and speed traps. It provides a method of audio and visual alerts. Program works with your inner GPS and shows a map, which consists of all necessary data from the base of numerous users.

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