G-Watch is a pocket pc app stopwatch, countdown timer and geocaching on GPS enabled device.
* Supported devices: WM 5, WM 6 and WM 6.1 (with touchscreen only!)
* Multi-language support
* Create unlimited stopwatches which can measure time, keep track of your position, speed and distance using a GPS device (built-in, wired or bluetooth)
* Start unlimited countdown timers
* Do some geocaching by specifying unlimited coordinates, G-Watch informs you about the distance to your target and displays a compass to help you hunt your target.

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Navmi is a GPS application for sporting activities.

It is currently available for Windows Mobile devices with touch screen. This app was tested on multiple devices, including:

- II Omnia
- Diamond
- HTC HD (and HD2 Leo)
- Axim x51v
- Omnia

Some Features:

- Tracking time and distance;
- Auto pause;
- Automatic "circle" recording;
- It records "circle" in manual mode;
- It Display maps, including cached;
- Chart displaying (speed and height);
- Several options for different sports;
- Diary of training, including records, maps, photos and diagrams;

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This application is from that kinds, when you don’t need to introduce it! This useful software has very advanced GPS features, and it allows you to get any direction, map, forecast, movie event, etc.


- More intuitive GPS features;
- More robust features of search!

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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You can use this program to have a visual connect with the whole world using your BB device! It works with device’s GPS to locate users and their contacts on the move online.

- You can locate yourself with a live scalable map;
- View all your active buddies;
- Website map for one view for all contacts;
- You need to create a free account on cellflare.com;
- Then you enter your phone number and original license key;
- Communicate and enjoy!

OS: BlackBerry.

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Here is a simple compass, which receives data via GPS.

This application was designed for Symbian OS 9.4 S60 5th Edition
Status: freeware
Developer: Offscreen Technologies Ltd

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