SpeedTracker is designed and tested like an experiment Marathoner. This app is dedicated to on-road and off-road Sport practice.
It is directly accessible from your finger tip, Cycler, Runner, Roller, so you can find a set of selected options to plan, control and handle workout sessions.
And finally SpeedTracker offers a easy but efficient way to attain your goals during training and competition episodes.


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Free software for navigation, it is an analog of Google Maps.


- Uses OpenStreetMap instead of Google Maps;
- Supports GPS and GSM-triangulation;
- Maps are stored on the device and only new load.

System requirements:
WM5 - WM6.14
.Net Compact Framework 3.5
Screen resolution: QVGA, VGA
Setup Type: CAB
Developer: Cipher
Language: English

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MobileMagic activates automatic G rotation for any program. You can adapt any events, restrict the auto rotation of screen for specific apps. But you should have .NET compact framework 3.5 installed for this to run.

Buttons and Events that can be assigned to actions:
- Rotation of your device triggers special actions (Eg FaceDown turns screen of)
- Stylus In/Stylus Out
- Power button (short)/Power button (long)
- Volume Up/Volume Down
- Take Call (1 to 3 times)
- Backspace (1 to 3 times)
- Hang Up (1 to 3 times)
- GPS Fix Found/GPS Fix Lost

Actions that can be assigned:

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Navizon is a freeware application for the peer to peer cordless positioning. It always has free updates. Program’s network is based on a united database. Users of the GPS devices use Navizon app to map the Wi-Fi and neighbourly area which is serviced by the by the mobile station.


- You can view your friend’s current location, and share your location with people;
- Create and join groups of interests;
- Send SMS to a phone with Navizon;
- Watch a video;
- You can know about your location on a map;
- Search for everything, what is associated with the location;

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This useful software is a OpenStreetMap client for pocket WM devices. It was designed by Cipher from xda-developers.

Special Features:

- User friendly;
- Ability to show the map on full screen;
- GPS support;
- GSM triangulation;
- The tiles of downloaded maps are stored on the storage of your device, so you don’t need to download them again.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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