App gives any data for current temperature and current weather in iPhoneToday as an icon. You’re able to display up to 5 days forecast by taping on an icon well configured in iPhoneToday.

For day forecasts, it displays the higher temperature and RealFeel higher temperature, and for night forecast, it displays the lower temperature and RealFeel lower temperature.

Special Requirements:

- iPhoneToday app;
- MortScript;
- Windows Mobile OS.

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Now you can have free GCz app right on your mobile device. It is all-in-one program for Geocaching.


- Seek cache by Address/Postal Code/GC Code/GPS/etc...

- Cache list and detail information.

- Pickup and Drop TB/GC.

- Post cache log.

- GPS Monitor.

- Mobile Google Maps.

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Receive the latest weather forecasts for each day with the help of this application.

Special Features:

- Detailed forecast for any chosen city;
- Today weather data;
- Up to 5 days info;
- Metric/English units;
- Auto/manual information updating;
- Handy searching mode for the cities;
- You can add cities to the favorites;
- Easy switching between the favorites list.

Operating Systems: Windows Mobile.

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You always receive all needed and useful data with the help of this amazing application called FreeCaddie. It uses your built-in GPS. You receive the distances to the front/center/back of greens. FreeCaddie also can measure the length of shots.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This application is a GPS tracker for pocket Windows Mobile phones.

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Here is a freeware WM app, which works with a GPS to allows to monitor location and distraced driving.

Some Features:

- Street Tweet;
- Driver Distraction Warnings;
- Geofencing;
- High Speed Warnings.

Special Requirements:

- Windows Mobile 5 and later;
- Twitter account or data plan and email;
- All vehicles.

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This application is small, but very useful. It fits all modern Windows Mobile phones. It is designed as Today Screen plugin. It allows you to view the following data:

- Geographical coordinates;
- Speed;
- Course;
- Even some info about sputniks;
- Exact time and date;
- The status of your battery.

This application can be your best assistant in a daily routine, because it is an advanced and powerful individual informer!

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