You will be able to attach coordinates to photos with the location where they were made with the help of this useful program.

Nokia Location Tagger combines the camera and GPS receiver of the smartphone jotting in EXIF header to film photography. You can use the data later, for example to determine the shooting location of any photos on the map.

It was designed for Symbian OS 9.x S60
Status: free
Developer: Nokia

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This software can solve your painful problems, which are connected with map viewing. Specifically, this application gives you an opportunity to view any map regardless of the size. And it can also fit you, if you want to view any picture of high resolution.

Some Features:

- This program works very fast and reliably;
- Advanced zoom features;
- Qualitative decoding;
- Support for any resolution of the screeen;
- ARM optimization;
- Thumbnail view;
- Memory card browser with advanced features.

Operating System: Palm.

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This WM app will help you to keep track the movement thanks to a GPS-receiver.

Extra Features:

- It declairs different stats in the speakers or headset;
- Generic time-based tasks and previous recordings;
- It can record various info, like distance, time, speed and change of atlitude;
- Diagram viewing;
- Internet uploading of thr results.

Special Requirements:

- GPS receiver;
- WM 5 or later.

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This is freeware GPS software. And it is easy-to-use Geocaching applicaton for Windows Mobile 6/6.1 phones. This program can talk to you. It also covers a range and relocates to the cache site. This feature can be especially useful in regions where the activity is very high. This program is your good assistant if your phone in your pocket. Just use headphones and listen to the guiding voice!

OS: Windows Mobile 6/6.1

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This program is a very easy-to-use GPS speedometer for your pocket WM device. It allows you to know how quick you are moving while on a metro, tram,bus, etc. even in case when you can not see the current speedometer. Application runs on any Windows Mobile device with a GPS feed.

Extra Features:

- Adjustable background colors;
- Day and Night color themes;
- Portrait or Landscape modes support;
- You can navigate between the screens.


Windows Mobile OS, NET Compact Framework 3.5.

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You can share your online location with your friends or with the other websites and online services with the help of helpful service called Fire Eagle. And you can update your current location to Fire Eagle with bLADELocate application for Windows Mobile users.
In other words, you have a great ability to update your location with this app.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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