This program is another Twitter application. This version has new features and changes in user interface from the previous release.

Change Log:

- Tracking of menions/@replies was added;
- Full Direct Messages support;
- Improved UI;
- Multi-byte UTF8 characters;
- Layout engine works quickly;
- Autocompletion of names;
- Handled updates to the avatars;
- Insignificant bugs are fixed.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This smart application provides a method of iPhones’s IMDb API to retrieve any data from to allows you to view it on your device.

Special Features:

- User-friendly interface;
- Advanced searching options;
- Artist Headshots;
- DVD Covers.


- Windows Mobile OS;
- .NET Framework 3.5.

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PeekPocket - free Wi-fi scanner. The application has a standard set of functions for such programs. The nice thing about a feature, which can optimize the color theme of the program to theme of your mobile device.

Status: Freeware
OS: Windows Mobile

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Here is a freeware application, which is a small utility that allows you to:

- wake up,
- shut down,
- reboot,
- log off

from your desktop computer on the network with the help of your WM handheld device.

Special Requirements:

- Wake-On-Lan enabled on home computers;
- Wi-Fi on Windows Mobile;
- WM local network must be the same to PC network;
- Allow http traffic on Port 7777;
- Obtain MAC address.

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