This is the first full and complete BitTorrent client for smartphones. This program supports the downloading of multiple files at once flow, it is able to immediately upload and download, and can maintain the status of your unfinished downloads, so you can resume downloads after re-enabling applications. You can also check the status of each uploaded file, its properties and statistics.

Special Requirements:

- Symbian S60 2nd Edition (older version 1.30);
- Symbian S60 3rd/5th Edition.

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The free RSS feed reader is an J2ME MIDP application for cell phones/mobiles that is able to read most RSS servers/feed versions. RSS is a lightweight XML format designed for sharing headlines and other content like blogs and news. Data is stored on the device and updated on request. This uses the internet which service providers charge extra for, so you would best get an unlimited data from your service provider. This should work with most recent devices as they have MIDP 2.0. If it does not work, use the midp10_... version which is for older versions. This is licensed under GPL.

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This useful software allows you to solve your usual question about advanced instant messaging, because it supports Jabber, ICQ, Good Talk, Facebook, AOL, YAHOO, iChat/MobileMe, Gadu-Gadu.

The Latest Improvements:

- Refreshed install and uninstall process;
- You can update it optional;
- Advanced Tab size options;
- Contact list with a special filter, which allows you to have an independent list for any community;
- Spam filter;
- You can Edit your Profile right from the overview screen;
- Detail expansion display works automatically;
- Mousewheel assistance;

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Now you can transform your Windows Mobile into a Network Camera with TinyCAM 0.8.0.

This application provides a method of usage of built-in camera. It can connect via the web browser on another computer (PDA) for remote monitoring. The main condition is the presence of Wi-Fi.
If it is required by the network operator you can use a motion detector + FTP upload feature for captured images to FTP-server.

You need:
NET Compact Framework 3.5 and devices with built-in camera.

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This application will be very useful for you for everyday using. ProfiMail 3.14 is answer on all your questions in communication case! You will feel how it can be easy to navigate many messages on screen at time during reading. You can always be in touch with your friends, use ProfiMail for your professional work, send any documets or other information from yor pocket device.

ProfiMail Features:

• Mail server is automatically synchronized with messages;
• App has IMAP folders;
• There are HTML messages with links and images;
• View, save, send – attachments;

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