Spb TV represents a tool, which allows to get a free access to television channels broadcast in real time over IP protocol (ie online).

The main functions of service for Spb TV:

- TV channels listing with the functions of preview;
- Really quick launch of channels and switching between them;
- TV program for each channel;.
- Ability to set reminders in Outlook for the start of interesting gear;
- PIP mode;
- Complete adaptation of all functions of the service under control with the fingers (without using the stylus);

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Face it, browsing the web can leave you with a lot of garbage overloading your device. Not only does this consume your memory, it can also slow down your device. So, it is wise to remove the things you don't need. ClearTemp helps you to do this without any difficulty by locating, sorting and removing all types of temporary files stored on your device.
From the main ClearTemp interface, you can see the size of all temporary files available, including the temporary cache, browser history, temporary installations, URLs, cookies, and a lot more.

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You will need to monitor the events in South Africa this year, if you are a football fan. This program allows you to receive the results of World Cup 2010 matches right to your Pocket PC!

System requirements:
WM5 - WM6.5
.Net Compact Framework 3.5
Screen resolution: QVGA, VGA, WQVGA
Setup Type: CAB
Developer: José Gallardo Salazar
Language: English

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The best email client with many opportunities, such as:

- Sync with mail servers;
- Support for POP3/IMAP/SMTP;
- Work with attachments;
- HTML with images and links;
- View images in JPG, PNG and other popular formats;
- Address Book;
- T9 support;
- ZIP archives viewing;
- Simultaneous work with multiple accounts;
- Rules and filters to retrieve your messages;
- Support for multiple character sets: Western, Cyrillic, Central European, etc.;
- Optimization for mobile devices;
- Sound notifications;

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If you use Windows Mobile device and several SIM or multi-sim, then every time you must make lots of efforts to access GPRS, MMS or WAP if you change the SIM card . It is super-inconvenient!

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Everyone can have a two way communication Pocket PC device which is handy for short range transmissions. So, you can have it, too! It is very easy with program called 4Talk. You create a mini walkie talkie network by pairing the several number of Pocket PCs. 4Talk uses Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth. You can use created network as long as your device has an IP address and your net is configured.

Key Features:

• Program has 16 independent channels and separate Emergency channel;
• Microphone Lock;
• You can see who is online and the information about the channel;
• Full Duplex Mode;

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