You can make phone calls and send messages in Skype on any network without the need to connect Wi-Fi with the help of this program. Also, there is IM + to work with messengers, such as MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AOL, Jabber or GoogleTalk.

This software was designed for Symbian OS 9.x UIQ 3
Status: demo version
Developer: SHAPE Services Ltd

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Opera Mobile is the best browser for PDA running on Windows Mobile 5.0-6.1. This browser supports all the major Web standards, including CSS2, DOM 2 and javascript. Opera Mobile 9.5 is based on the engine of the latest version of all-known browser for the PC, therefore it supports all the latest Web standards and mobile widgets.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Here is a client of Internet telephony, through which you can make calls from your PDA to anyone who has also established a SIP-client (or SIP-phone). Your video call will be available worldwide, if you connect to your webcam.

- Free audio and video calls from computer to computer;
- Calls from your computer to your phone via VoIp Sip-provider (ISP Tariff);
- Setting up to six lines on one device, which are able to hold the call;
- Automatic detector of numbers;
- Phone book with quick dial configuration;
- Integration with Microsoft Address Book;

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This program is a new free-running Facebook application. This freeware Facebook soft has five various tabs:

• Home. You always know your News Feed and any Updates with this tab;
• Profile. View your own or someone’s Wall, Info and Photos;
• Phonebook. Call any of your Facebook friends;
• Friend. It is a list of all your friends and their activity;0
• Inbox. See your Inbox/Outbox/Notifications/Requests with this tab.

Operating System: Windows Mobile 6.

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You will be able to listen to the radio stations via the Internet with the help of this program for smartphones, which is adapted for touch screens and S60 5th platform.

Playlist of this program is stored in Shoutcast and has a name shoutcast.pls, so you can open it using a simple text editor and create your own unique list of radio stations. In addition, the program has a simple player for audio files.

This program was designed for Symbian OS 9.4 S60 5th Edition
Status: free
Developer: Nokia

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