Here is a very useful application for mobile phonesm based on Symbian and Java, which allows you to watch videos and upload it to YouTube directly from your mobile phone.

Key Features:

- Access to the latest and most popular video clips on YouTube;
- Ability to view your subscriptions, playlists and favorite videos;
- Upload YouTube videos directly from mobile device;
- Advanced searching options.

Special Requirements:

- Sony Ericsson k800i, w880i
- Nokia N73, E51, E61, E61i, E65, N95, 6120c, 6110n

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Audio Booster is a great equalizer system for the standard Windows Media Player. It really changes the sound for the better. It was designed for those who do not want to bother with third-party players.

It only works when headset is connected.

App was designed for Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.x for Pocket PC
Status: Free

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This application will be very interesting and useful for people who want to refresh a look of the TouchFlo background. So, download this app to customize it to your taste and design unique HQ wallpapers for the TouchFlo 3D interface from the pictures on your PC with the easy way.

Three Steps of Wallpaper creation:

1. Load Picture;
Press Load or drag&drop;
Select Crop and Resize functions (program can do it automatically if you press Auto Crop and Resize).
2. Press “Create CAB”;
Then “Include Landscape / Portrait Wallpapers”;
Press “Convert”;

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SPB Radio is very useful multimedia software. You can search the built-in catalogue by station’s name, edit favorites list, add more radio stations to the catalogue with this program. You always recieve total information about the station's name and bit rate when this program runs. Enjoy the latest news, live sport events, talk, different shows with the high quality of the digital sounding at any time and place.

Extra Features:

• User-friendly interface;
• Skins;
• Built-in radio stations list;
• Simple settings;
• Favorites list;
• You can control volume with your screen;

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Kinoma Play is a media browser for Windows Mobile communicators and smartphones that allows to play the music, video, photos, podcasts and internet radio on mobile devices and the network, as well as work with them through a single interface.

Special Features:

• Amazing interface (adjustable, beautiful graphics);
• Finger-friendly interface;
• Perfect music and video player;
• Great picture viewer;
• Great variety of special applications;
• Substitute many apps, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.;
• Sufficiently easy-to-use;
• Share info with everyone;

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It is for our Polish visitors. Application called Miasto Muzyki is for music radio listening on Windows Mobile device from the Internet platform You also can see CD covers and text of playing file using this application. The package of more than 50 different music stations is available. The Internet platform Miasto Muzyki was launched by the RMF Group in 2007.

The content was expanded through the Internet (wma) with the help of iTunes and digital platform ‘N’.

Basic services:

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