You can find this application very interesting and useful, if you don’t have 6.5.x ROMs, because an archive for download consists of 18 Ringtones and alerts from WM 6.5.

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The program for Smartphones, which is an excellent mp3 player. It supports the following audio formats: MP3, OGG, AAC, MP4. PowerMP3 supports the installation of skins, visual effects, playlists creation, as well as EQ.

Key Features:

- Support for MP3, OGG, AAC and M4A;
- Creation of playlists (Supported format is M3U);
- Support for skins;
- 10 band graphic equalizer;
- Graphical Spectrum Analyzer;
- Ability to balance settings during playback;
- Mode of background play;
- Resuming playback after a call;
- Ability of fast rewinding;
- Sleep Timer;

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Power Radio is a FM-player with RDS. Built-in FM-player of many devices often ignores some information (RDS, Radio Text). That’s why, this software will be a very useful assistant. Power Radio receives all possible information from radiostations.


- PowerRadio will scan the entire range and displays the available stations after the first run;
- A long press on the Scan menu is a hand-scanning;
- Ear/spk switches the output sound to the speaker or headphones;
- Mute mutes the sound;
- Blend improves stereo;
- Stereo switcher of mono/stereo.

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This media player is a pocket pc soft available for a limited time only and will expire after the some time. You can still be able to watch DivX® videos by downloading and installing the DivX Mobile Player, even if your device is not officially DivX Certified.

System requirements: WM5 - WM6
Setup Type: CAB + EXE
Developer: DivX, Inc.

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Here is a music player for mobile phones, which supports all audio formats that your phone supports. The program can completely replace your boring standard phone player.

Some Features:

- ID3 tags support;
- App is skinnable;
- It shows the bit rate definition;
- You can create/edit M3U playlists;
- Album Art support;
- Visualizations support;
- Library, which can help in playlist creation or customization;
- You can specify folders;
- Background work ability.

Screen Resolutions:


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