Songloader is a WM freeware application, which can be in use to download the music for your PPC device. App requires .net cf 2.0 to work.

The principle is to multiple music media hosting web sites, currently it only supports polish This feature gives you a possibility to download audio/video right from the web site.

The default is : /Storage Card/Songloader to create the folder, where the song will be downloaded. Notice, this mobile application doesn'tt add itself to the program list. And you have to launch it from a file explorer.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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theChanner allows you to stream more than 160 channels right on your WM device. The social element gives you options youto bookmark and share your favorite channels with other theChanner users.

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This is a minimalistic music player. It is very small. TopPlayer is displayed in a minimized state in the upper left corner.

System requirements:
WM6 - WM6.5
.Net Compact Framework 2
Setup Type: CAB
Language: English

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This software introduces a special list of more than 1,000 the best hits of 90s. You can display a playlist typing the group name. Next step is tapping on the song to have a detailed fullscreen view.

You must have the “BeanDLL.dll” file and the runtime files for Visual Basic on your pocket mobile device, if you want to use this program. Just unzip the file for your Pocket PC, then place the .dll in the “Windows” folder of your device.

Special Requirements:

- BeanDLL.dll file (you can find it in archive for download);
- Visual Basic runtime files.

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This software introduces a Gallery2 client for the Android mobile devices. This application can be your best assistant in daily routine, because you can agree, that using of the default Webkit browser of the Android is always a difficult work.

Now you can host any photo on your Internet site thanks to the most advanced open source project.

Requirements: Android OS.

This release has the next improvements:

- The feature of cache is extended to thumbnails;
- New ‘Jump to’ feature;
- You can send/share pictures through mail or Twitter;
- Only one API is in use now.

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