WinamPAQ is a freeware software for Pocket PC PDAs, which plays files in mp3 format, Ogg Vorbis, and it supports skins of most popular WinAMP for PCs.

WinamPAQ Features:

- You can adjust the volume;
- Repeat all songs or tracks;
- Random Play;
- Graphic Equalizer;
- Support for Winamp 2.0 skins.

It was designed for Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0 for Pocket PC
Status: free
Developer: Winampaq

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Take the role of a real painter and create the original masterpiece with the help of your mobile device and this amazing application.

It will be at your hand any time and anywhere. It consists of a big number of helpful creation tools, what gives you a special possibility to create something useful and interesting drawing on the device’s screen.

Main Features:

- Natural and intuitive in use;
- Instant creativity;
- Cool tools for drawing;
- You can use several pages for creation;
- Functions to load and save automatically;
- More productivity.


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Power Radio is a FM-player with RDS. Built-in FM-player of many devices often ignores some information (RDS, Radio Text). That’s why, this software will be a very useful assistant. Power Radio receives all possible information from radiostations.


- PowerRadio will scan the entire range and displays the available stations after the first run;
- A long press on the Scan menu is a hand-scanning;
- Ear/spk switches the output sound to the speaker or headphones;
- Mute mutes the sound;
- Blend improves stereo;
- Stereo switcher of mono/stereo.


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Here is an advanced audio player for Windows Mobile communicators.


- High quality stereo playback (if your device supports stereo);
- Support for Mp3 and Ogg formats;
- Support for streaming Internet radio;
- Volume control has 100 levels;
- Sleep Timer;
- 10-band equalizer with presets;
- Playlist Editor;
- Settings for colors;
- Ability to search the Internet Image Albums;
- Search and display for lyrics;
- Playback in normal or random mode;
- Ability to minimize player.

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Here is an application for Android-powered devices, which allows to view different IP security cameras. And it makes it very easy. You’re able to scroll through the web cams like a photo gallery with one time setup.

Special Requirements:

- Android OS

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Here is a special suite of Resco Explorer, Photo Manager, Pocket Radio and Audio Recorder. It is an all-in-one pack!

- FTP client;
- File manager;
- Registry editor;
- Integrated viewer;
- Web browser;
- Solid file encryption;
- Recycle bin;
- Zip compression.

Photo Manager:
- You can upload pictures to social networks;
- Touch friendly;
- GPS position adding to any picture;
- Edit tools;
- Add to contact function;
- Slide show.

- MP3 and OGG support;
- MP3 streams recorder;
- Skin support;
- Scheduler for recording;
- List of radio stations.

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This app is a high-powered drawing and picture editing program for pocket Windows Mobile devices. You can edit and retouch images, add extra effects and unique text, develop the Internet graphics, and more with this amazing software!

Special Features:

- PSD, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TGA, J2K pictures support;
- Different Painting tools, like a Paintbrush, Pencil, and others with sketch mode;
- You can scale/rotate many pictures at once;
- IPTC/EXIF support;
- Caption Editor;
- Layer, masks, channels assistance;
- Gradient, Paintbucket, and fast shape tools;

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Who likes to feel annoyance after the manually rotation of the screen? You can forget all your painful problems about rotating screen manually, if use this application. You can try it, if you have G-sensor on your Windows Mobile device.

Application Features:

• You can choose an option of synchronous work of this application with your device;
• You can control the screen switcher by starting and stopping possibilities;
• Opera is default browser, because it works with G-sensor;

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