This application is an analog of Microsoft Marketplace. It was formerly known as OpnMarket. Search, find and download the best free programs and games for your Pocket PC.

Some Features:

- The most popular programs are always in full view;
- Thousands of programs, which are sorted by categories;
- Look for the program using the new search function;
- My Apps allows you to receive updates to previously installed applications.

System requirements:
WM2003 - WM6.5
.Net Compact Framework 3.5
Additional Requirements: Internet connection
Resolution: All screens

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The latest text editor Mobile Pad can be an useful application for your Wondows Mobile device. You automatically save any document on your storage card with this app. It is possible to to exchange files or text messaging with the departure of current opened file as email or SMS to people you know with this freeware program.

Special Features:

• Adjustable autosave;
• You can send current document as email;
• You can send current document as text message;
• You save/insert user’s Signature;
• You can call or send text message right from your doc;
• Assistance of Landscape mode;

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TextMaker was designed to work with .doc files. Multilingual block of orthographic checking. Graphic binding to paragraphs or pages. Footnotes and explanations. Tables with built-in calculations. Form Designer. Pop comments like in Word 2003. Advanced scheduler. And much more.

PlanMaker was designed(to work with .xls files. More than 320 calculating functions. Support for complex numbers and calculations of arrays. Selection of the parameter. Syntax lighting. Powerful engine for graphics, which can display any chart, which was created in Microsoft Excel. And much more.

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