Office Communicator Mobile Mobile R2 converts mobile device into a full terminal of system of Unified Communications (UC). Mobile phone of any company can become a necessary communication device and an important complement to the desktop version of Microsoft Office Communicator to work in a unified communications environment based on technology of Microsoft OCS with the help of this useful program.

The Latest Features:

• You can join Unified Communications conference calls with a simple button’s click;

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Comic Reader is a special app to read comic strips on a Pocket PC device.
- Opens zip/cbz and rar/cbr files.
- High Quality image resize. (Text is still readable even when the comic is fit to the screen!)
- Smooth scrolling. (Even on large images.)
- Remembers what comic and page you were on.

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Here is a convenient soft, which works with a method of various handwriting styles recognition. It can convert them to texts.

Key Features:

- Friendly and easy-to-use UI;
- You can write in any point on the screen;
- Characters recognition;
- Fingertip operations;
- You can separate recognition mode and letter mode;
- Symbols, number, mixed character recognition support;
- Gesture recognition support;
- Multi-line recognition feature;
- Auto Corrector;
- App provides Symbol keyboard;
- Unistroke handwriting recognition feature;
- Pen Color and Width support;

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Sticky Notes Touch allows you to create and organize notes.

Key Features:

- Simple intuitive interface;
- Ability to select a background for future notes;
- Ability of handwriting data with the use of stylus;
- It displays reduced content of notes in the main menu;
- And more!

This application was designed for Symbian OS 9.4 S60 5th edition
Status: free of charge
Developer: Offscreen Technologies Ltd

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Manage effectively your handwritten Notes, Tasks and Contacts.
* Convenient TREE view and Sub-Notes.
* Quick Move between next and previous linked Notes.
* Linking together the whole information by Subject.
* Note's type images help you quickly identify your items.
* BizOrg features include different background styles, fonts, preview of notes and more.
* Note Types (Email, Fax, Calls, Meetings, Appointments, etc.).
* Great Contact management. Easy assign contact to your Notes.

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CalliGrapher is an application, which recognizes natural handwriting and supports any style of words writing (inclined, straight or mixed style).

Special Features:

- Improved Write Pad Soft Input Panel (SIP);
- User friendly interface;
- Seamless integration in most Pocket PC applications without problems;
- Built-in spell checker with user-extensible vocabulary;
- Full 24-digit customizable on-screen keyboard with 13 predefined layouts for 10 Western European languages;
- Auto-filling;
- Preset dictionary editor;
- Auto-corrector;
- Statistical analyzer;

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