You can have “Freda” app on your mobile phones now. It is a pocket PC software for reading eBooks on Windows Mobile devices.

Thanks to this program you can read txt, html and (DRM-free) ePub files. The program uses two third-party libraries, SharpZipLib and the Majestic-12 HTMLParser library; both are licensed on terms allowing their reorganization for commercial and non-commercial intentions.

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This is the next release from popular xda-developers, application that is a functional port of the java ebook reader.

Extra Features:

- User friendly interface;
- Voting support;
- Offline working;
- Custom readers support;
- You can save any book on Internal Storage. It can fit you, if you’ve a small memory diamond.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This application was created to listen to a some text message. SmartPhone Tracker wakes up, switches mobile phone’s GPS on and uses a lock after the SMS receiving. Its next step is sending text message or (and) email with a link to Google Maps with exact location of your device and accurate GPS coordinates. SmartPhoneTracker sends the approximate Cell Tower locus in case of no GPS response for 5 minute.

Special Features:

• It works in a background mode;
• It has Yahoo, Google and WindowsLive Maps format assistance;
• Distant operation by SMS Code;

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Here is an all-in-one finance application, which is designed for professional/personal use. Program enables WM users to keep track of their Expenses and Revenues. This app makes the process of tracking your money even more exciting and fun thanks to very finger friendly, eye catching, and unique animation designs. winmoFinance can display the the currency symbol, which is based on the regional setting of your phone.

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