DynaType Universal Keyboard is a virtual keyboard, which is an easy-to-use and it has many settings.


- Handy usage of CTRL, AltGr and other special keys for easy access to format the text;
- More than 60 layouts;
- Ability to work in landscape mode with enlarged buttons without stylus;
- Soft Input Panel (SIP) system;
- Quick access and languages switching;
- Standard numeric keypad;
- Auto-repeat;
- Ability to change skins;
- Easily change of fonts and their sizes;
- App requires a little storage;
- Support for VGA.

Status: Freeware

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Here is another useful program for smartphones from Chinese developers. This program was released under the slogan “SMS-chat in iPhone style”.

General Features:

- You can send usual SMS;
- You can send fake SMS;
- You can create messages and plan the time of sending;
- Function of the synchronization of messages;
- Startup;
- You can hide it from the task list.

It was designed for Symbian OS 9.x S60
Status: freeware
Developer: Junnikokuki

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This program emulates the old dial telephones with the actual dialing number. Rotary Dialer Touch is proved to be an excellent utility in usage, which fully copes with its functional purpose and is able to individualize your smartphone.

It was designed for Symbian OS 9.4 S60 5th Edition
Status: freeware
Developer: Offscreen Technologies Ltd

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“Vostradamus Widgets 2.12” permits you to modify different modes and doodads for Spb Mobile Shell 3.5. This program supports all main resolutions (QVGA; WQVGA; VGA; WVGA).

Installation instructions integrated in a doc folder inside the zip.

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SketchArtist is program for identikit compiling on Pocket PC PDAs. It contains more than 1000 fragments of faces, which are taken from real police database for compile sketch usage.

Created images can be exported in .bmp format. In fact, all the process of creating is very simple and understandable. Enjoy!

Category Graphics
Interface: English
OS: Windows Mobile

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