You will have the opportunity to change pictures (wallpapers) of desktop without changing themes with the help of this program for smartphones. There are a feature that enables users to block the keyboard, the ability to turn off your smartphone at a specified time, etc.


- Ability to set the image to full screen (without changing the theme);
- Automatic Keyguard;
- Automatic power off;
- Automatic power off at a specified time (standard alarm clock is used).

This program was designed for Symbian OS 9.4 S60 5th edition
Status: demo version

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Here is a program, which simulates the pencils drawing.

Main Features:

- The effect of drawing with realistic pencil;
- Eight pencils for drawing;
- Support for selecting the thickness of a pencil;
- Ability to select a color for each pencil;
- Six pages for drawing with fast switching between them;
- Ten paper textures;
- Rubber for the correction of your work
- Support for hiding of all the controls from the screen;
- Autosave.

It was designed for Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0 for Pocket PC
Status: demo version

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Tachyon is powerful application that lets you navigate faster than the speed of light through our Galaxy. You are welcome to get to the dark enigmatic universe with the help of your tiny Pocket device.
I bet you never thought a package like that could be accessible in your hand. The app presents not only Catalogs, gorgeous pictures and an awesome storage of data and functions. It offers a human touch to astronomy. Now you have some of the best drawings, charts and info from some of the most dedicated and competent astronomers. Control your skies with grace and accuracy.

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ActivePrint Pro supports more than 60 document formats (like well-known and less common) and enables you to print them directly from the PDA. It is synchronized with a desktop computer.

Here are just some features of the big list:

- Doc - Microsoft Word (and Pocket PC equivalent);
- Xls - Microsoft Excel (and Pocket PC equivalent);
- Ppt - Microsoft Power Point;
- Pdf - Adobe Acrobat;
- Wks - Microsoft Works;
- Txt;
- Html;
- Rtf.

It also has ability to print via TCP/IP (Wi-Fi), MS ActiveSync or Mobile Device Center.

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MagiCall is a powerful tool for filtering of calls and messages. Here is a possibility to get rid of unwanted calls, automatically hang up or send SMS, if you can not answer. It is possible to create rules for handling calls and SMS.

Key Features:

- Two-way calls/messages filtering;
- Filtering by phone numbers and phone book;
- Filtering by content of messages;
- Auto-reset of unwanted calls;
- App can automatically delete SMS spam;
- Send/resend messages according to the established rules;
- Log recording.

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