WisBar Advance Desktop (WAD2) allows you to create a big number of virtual desktops. WisBar Advance Desktop is a plugin for WisBar Advance, which replaces standard Today screen.

Features of WisBar Advance Desktop:

- Unlimited virtual pages for additional types;
- Ability to place Today plugins on any virtual page;
- Ability to create shortcuts for programs and directories;
- You can adjust your monitor memory states of the system, batteries, etc.;
- Drag and drop support;
- Background picture for each page;
- Ability to create background pages with the objects.

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This useful software allows you to check the hotspot speed or the cellular packet link speed.
And directly, this version allows to contol the personal HTTP-file based mirrors. It is possible to view the chart speed.

Special Requirements:

- .NET Compact Framework 2.0;
- Windows Mobile 2003 PPC or higher;
- Windows Mobile 5 Smarthone or higher.

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G-Alarm is a free alarm clock for PDAs and smartphones for Windows Mobile platform.

The program uses the original way of alarm clock managing. You can even configure the program so that the alarm will be switched off only if you get the ball to the end of the maze. Or you can correctly calculate two numbers instead of the maze.

Some Features:

- Support for skins;
- Today plugin;
- Unlimited number of alarm clocks with multiple settings;
- OGG format support;
- Ability to set the playlist for each type of alarm.

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This is useful plugin for the upcoming WM6.5 devices. It fits you, if you keep a close watch on the stock market.

You need to install Morscript.

Installation Method:
• First of all, you must Unzip the software package and copy the folder JMLStocks in Program Files;
• Then you need to run JMLStocksInstall.mscr, select needed connection, and wait the end message.

• You need to choose “Config” button, if you want to choose the connection you want to update;
• You can click on the panel to manually updating.


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This software called Spb Wallet surely holds sensing data AES 256-encrypted and passcode-protected, protects from phishing, assists automatic lockup and clipboard cleanup. You can have a possibility to synchronize the information between pocket mobile devices and multiple PCs. The information can be accessed from PCs and mobile devices, too. It is good that the virtual and electronically stored items, such as passports and cards have an original look. There is an integrated Internet database of over seven thousand most popular cards for you from Spb Wallet 2.0.

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This amazing application allows control your WM device from your desktop computer. It is totally free to use.

Special Features:

- It shows the screen of your device on your PC;
- It allows you to control your mobile device with mouse and keyboard;
- You can capture the screen of your phone;
- Copy, Cut, Paste functions for the text between PC and mobile;
- It is possible to drag and drop files;
- ActiveSync / IP Connection assistance;
- File Browse support.

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