Spb Full Screen Keyboard is a unique tool for text entering on Pocket PC. This program uses all space on the screen unlike the other input methods. The size of the keys is large enough that they could be pushing with your fingers without the stylus pen use. There is dictionary-based algorithms for correcting errors, what substantially reduces the number of misprints.

This program was designed for Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0, 6.x for Pocket PC.
Status: Demo.
Developer: SPB Software House.

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This application is a clone of an Android interface for pocket WM devices.

The Latest Improvements:

- Widgets dialog;
- Analog Clock, Digital Clock, Hero Clock, Next Appointment widgets were added;
- Some settings in program menu were added;
- You can change settings with added AndrokkidSettings.exe;
- Pages balloon was added;
- Some bugs were corrected;
- Taskbar can be viewed when you modify Settings;
- Slide gesture was added;
- You can slide pages with added keypad movements;
- Refreshed method to load icons;
- StartPage option was added;

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Chriscsh from xda-developer has released a series of Windows Mobile 6.5 home screen applications. Titanium CommManager is the first app in this series.

This program appends a CommManager on to the Titanium home screen. This is only for QVGA and the default Windows Mobile 6.5 theme. But to run this app you need to install the Mortscript first.


- Cellular Radio On/Off.
- Wi-Fi: On/Off.
- Bluetooth: On/Discoverable/Off.
- Flight Mode: Turn off all connections (Phone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth).

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This unique application for pocket Windows Mobile devices has “secret mechanism” to wake you up! The designer of this software decided to create an alarm which asks you to guide a ball through a labyrinth before you can snooze the alarm, because he maybe needed some morning activity.

Extra Features:

• The assistance of all Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 6.1 devices;
• Choice of language;
• There are lots of skins;
• You can easy activate or deactivate all your alarms with one click using adjustable today plugin;
• You can select from different types of alarm;

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This Windows Mobile application is able to emulate the iPhone interface.

Key Features:

- Variety of animated screens;
- Notification of iPhone style;
- Is a Today;
- Total compatibility with any other today;
- UI for configuration;
- UI for Icons managing;
- App requires a low memory;
- It works quick.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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It is anti-theft software for WM PDA with GPS module. It is designed to search for lost or stolen device. It also can monitor location of your children . It can monitor the changing of SIM cards. You can get the coordinates of the device location with the SMS request.

The program consists of 4 parts:

1. SimMon (it monitors sim cards);
2. RemoteMonitor (it checks incoming SMS and sends replies);
3. GpsReport (get GPS position and sends it to the phones on the command line);
4. MJConfig (configuration).

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Lakeridge Software WisBar Advance is a new version, which includes all the best that was in WisBar Advance. Closer integration with PocketPC operating system allows you to use your PocketPC more conveniently. Built-in skins will change the interface of your device as you wish.

- Ability to close, minimize any application;
- Switch between any application at any time;
- Ability to make a cascading start menu (as in BB);
- Displays system messages;
- Customizes the taskbar;
- Ability to change the appearance of the taskbar;
- Support for skins;

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This application is designed to receive files, which are sent via Bluetooth.

Features and differences from the built-in Windows Mobile software:

- You can receive files directly to memory card;
- You can specify rules for auto-sorting of files into folders depending on their type;
- You can choose where to save the file before you begin receive the file;
- Advanced settings in total;
- List of received files;
- Ability to accept files only from specified devices;
- Sound notifications;
- The speed of receiving of file is higher;
- Maximum file size is not limited;

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