Pocketshield is a useful application that was designed for automatically lock and unlock features.

- Auto-lock;
- Auto-unlock when you take out the device from your pocket (light sensor);
- Unlock by the movement of a finger across the screen from top to bottom;
- Unlock feature with a simple shaking of the phone (you can adjust the sensitivity);
- You can choose any method to unlock or use several methods at once;
- Automaticaly answers the incoming call by any unlock method;
- Vibration when you unlock the phone;
- Customized digital clock on the locked screen;

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This is an original program for the Android devices, which allows the exchange of voice messages via email. You do not pay for telephone calls in that case! You need only click on the "Record & Send" button, and your message will be recorded and sent to one or more recipients.

Checking of new messages occurs every 15 seconds, when the program is active. It occurs every minute, when Walkie Talkie Push to Talk works in the background. The history of all messages is stored in memory and can be accessed at any time.

Key Features:

- Monthly fees are absent;
- SMS fees are absent;

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Easy to Busy always keeps you away from undesirable callers. It can help to avoid the calls of phone surveys, your ex-boy/girlfriend, stalkers, your importunate parents, etc. Settings options of this program are easy-to-use.

Special Features:

• Quick caller recognition;
• Any call can be refused by momentary busy tone;
• You can block any contact from your contact list;
• App successfully blocks manually added contacts to its list;
• Log with all refused calls;
• App can work in the background;
• It’s easy-to-use;
• You can easy add/remove any blacklist’s contact;

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Tsowentaskbar – modify the Taskbar on Windows Mobile.
The last addition is a mixture of the previous one with the new voicemail icon, Bluetooth stero, SMS and advise icon.


1. tsowentaskbar3
- Attached Darklord69 battery icon, added Wi-Fi icon set, included alarm warning symbol, corrected registry entry for battery %
2. tsowentaskbar3v1.1
- Added multi-notification symbol, Bluetooth stero symbol and new voicemail symbol
3. tsowentaskbar3v1.2
- Added SMS Notification symbol


- Contains all the Fixes along the way.
- Added Active Sync symbols

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Try this user-friendly dialpad on your pocket device. This can be your good assistance, because it has all the features of iPhone dialer.

You’ll be able to distribute calls evenly with the help of the virual number from Google Voice or JaJah, for example.


- Amazing skins. You can choose VGA or QVGA skins for portrait and landscape modes. You can change the iPhone look to the look you like;

- Dialpad replacing;

- Pleasant interface for the calling cards;

- Intuitive switching service.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This PDA application allows you to turn your camera phone into a scanner, copier, and fax.

All you need to do is just take photos, send them to this program, and you can get clean, legible copies as a PDF, text file or vCard.

Main Features:

- Clean pictures of any doc, whiteboard and business card;
- Extract any text and contact info;
- Online storing/searching/sharing.

App Requires Java MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.0
Program works with most 2+ megapixel and some 1 megapixel camera mobile devices.

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Wizcode Data Recovery Mobile uses flash media to recover all information on your Windows Mobile device. It works very effectively. So, you can easy back lost information with one move of your stylus! Everyone who uses Windows Mobile device with storage cards must have this useful application.

Special Features:

• App restores files & folders;
• You can recover any information even from formatted storage card;
• App recovers lost files & any info;
• Program provides error correction on storage cards;
• Storage card checking function for bad sectors;

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This is a virtual keyboard, which won several prestigious awards. It supports a full-screen mode, half-screen and standard mode of use. These modes are optimized for the touch of a finger. Large buttons allow you to quickly enter the text.

This prog was designed for Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0, 6.x for Pocket PC
Status: demo version
Developer: SPB Software House

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“cleanRAM 1.9” is a Pocket PC program to free up vacant memory on Windows Mobile and make it more rapidly. You have only one resolution when your PDA slows down is to reset your mobile device. And in the end you’ll do use cleanRAM to free up the unemployed memory and this makes your WM device faster.


- Liberate memory for Windows Mobile devices.
- You can clean up the exhausted RAM memory without having to restart the device and finally it saves a lot of time.
- CleanRAM lets you with the only one click free part of the RAM on your PDA.

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This software corresponds a 30 button per page action screen for pocket WM phones. Try it and you’ll have more than one page for use! Interface of this program introduces a fast launcher, which includes a big number of shortcuts on the screen of your mobile device. This software is very handy and friendly in total. Generally, the main idea of creation of this application is based on the interface of the iPhone devices.

Archive for dowload includes the app versions for WVGA and VGA Windows Mobile devices.

OS: Windows Mobile

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